Nutrition And Diet

"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food." ~Hippocrates

No other phrase can be as powerful since everything that we eat, drink or ingest in one way or another affects our bodies. The study of how food affects us is the science of Nutrition.

If we look at food as fuel, then it would make sense to use the best fuel possible to keep our machines (bodies) running their best. If you put soda in your car's gas tank, how would you expect it to run? Not well, that's for certain! Our bodies react similarly to fuels that are not what our bodies need to run.

If you feed your body fuels it neither is designed to use nor is able to use effectively, then your body ceases to function properly... if at all. Sugars (real or fake) in excess can lead to Type II Diabetes. Alcohol in excess can lead to liver dysfunction. Too much fat can lead to arterial disease. A Goiter is the result of an iodine deficiency. Many of today's diseases are the result of poor nutritional habits and lack of good nutritional education. At Lakota Wellness Essentials, our goal is to ensure your understanding of basic nutrition, how what you are eating and drinking regularly is affecting your body, and what, if any, changes may be necessary to get your body functioning better.

Improper nutrition can lead to inflammation and ultimately a disease. By adding certain quality foods and deleting others you can change your biochemistry and overcome the dis-ease process. We offer Nutritional Counseling in addition to lifestyle coaching and Nutritional Supplementation as a part of your journey to optimal health.



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