Conditions Treated With Natural Medicine

"The best doctors give the least medicine."

Adrenal Fatigue

Do you wake from a long nights rest feeling exhausted? Do you live with a general sense of ill health, chronic tiredness or “blue” feelings much of the time? Do you prop yourself up for your day with coffee, cola and other stimulants to get through the day?

What you are experiencing could be adrenal fatigue. The common factor for sufferers of adrenal fatigue is stress. At one time or another any of us could be experiencing adrenal fatigue. Short term stress has less damaging health than prolonged stress, which creates long term underlying health issues. The trickle down prolonged health effects of adrenal fatigue are the issues that create doctor visits.

At Lakota Wellness an entire body system approach is used to address adrenal fatigue. The reality is most of us can only manage stress to a certain degree. To combat adrenal fatigue we employ a custom care plan to support and strengthen your associated systems while assisting to restore your adrenal function.


Some of us experience typical allergy symptoms, such as itchy eyes or a runny nose. Others experience more subtle allergy responses, such as headaches, gastrointestinal issues or even dry skin. Conventional medicine does not offer effective testing to pinpoint delayed or subtle allergic responses. In addition conventional medicine does not address or associate nonconventional responses as a possible allergic reaction or view an allergy to be the source of diminished health.

Since immediate and delayed responses to allergies all cause inflammatory health issues, at Lakota Wellness we work not only to discover your allergy source but to reduce your inflammatory responses to provide a better quality of life.

Using alternative medicine as our guide we employ whole person immune function. For example, below outlines our methods of treatment versus traditional methods for a patient with severe headache and sinus pressure.

Traditional Lakota Wellness
  • Decongestants
  • Salt Rinse and Compresses
  • Antibiotic (14-21 days)
  • Natural Herbs and Remedies
  • Scratch Test
  • Environmental and Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Lifestyle-No Changes
  • Diet and Wellness Protocol
  • Weekly Allergy Shots
  • System Balancing

Hormonal Imbalance

As we go through the different stages of life, the balance of our hormones changes, which affects every aspect of our life. Since women can start experiencing hormonal imbalances as early as their first menstruation it is important to connect with your hormonal health sooner than later.

Many common female health concerns stem from the imbalance of our hormones. We recognize that hormones tend to be found at fault for many health issues, and often people say “it’s just your hormones, don’t be concerned.” We believe that women have been told this so frequently that they feel that hormonal troubles are just something they have to “deal with” and alleviation is not possible.

There is certainly more to hormones than you may think, and there definitely are ways of assessing and remedying hormonal imbalances that may be the cause of many ailments such as: heavy or irregular menstrual cycles, ovarian cysts, fibroids, infertility, endometriosis, breast tenderness, depression, mood swings, migraines, weight gain and decreased libido. The solution is a thorough analysis and testing of what hormone imbalance exists. Without assessing your body’s hormone levels, proposing a treatment is only speculative. Many women are given birth control pills to regulate their periods without quantitative understanding of what hormonal imbalances are present. Women may be placed on hormone replacement with the first signs of menopause, supposing that the absence of hormones is the root of the problem.

The intense stress we all live under these days adds to the impact of hormonal imbalances. At Lakota Wellness we treat the source of your individual hormonal imbalances. Once your base line hormone level is established, we can tailor a treatment program using a natural approach to help restore your vitality. This way you can avoid many of the negative side effects of pharmaceutical hormone therapies.


Did you know that the standard test for evaluating your thyroid function is flawed? The reason many are not diagnosed properly is because an arbitrary value defined as normal range has little to do with actual thyroid health. The standard test only provides results for free T4 in your system and does not gauge the value of free T3, which is the conversion of T4 and the actual fuel of the thyroid.

Hypothyroidism is a disorder that frequently occurs when the thyroid gland does not generate enough thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormones control your body’s metabolism. Your metabolism is all of the biological activities that take place in your body, which includes the formation of energy and hormones, tissue growth, removal of waste products, and the delivery of nutrients in the blood.

Hypothyroidism can upset all of your bodily operations. It commonly triggers the body’s normal rate of performance to slow down. The outcome of this can be physical, emotional, and behavioral transformations. Most kinds of hypothyroidism cannot be prevented, but can be treated. If left untreated, hypothyroidism can cause severe medical issues.

Many of us have gone to the doctor with the symptoms of thyroid malfunction which include fatigue, weight gain, high cholesterol, joint or muscle pain, low libido, cold extremities, hair loss, dry hair or foggy brain. At Lakota Wellness we use complementary traditional and alternative medicine to properly evaluate and support thyroid dysfunction.


Migraines are a form of Primary Headaches, meaning they do not stem from another medical condition. The exact root of a migraine headache has not been identified, but researchers believe that it stems from differences in the way the trigeminal nerve behaves and chemical changes in the brain.

Migraine headache can cause acute pain, nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, noises and smells. At times migraine symptoms can be so intense that people must rest for several hours or days. Chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, relaxation techniques and alternative medicines like butterbur have been shown to be effective in the treatment and management of migraines.



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