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Dr. Elyse Ocoee ChiropractorDr. Elyse Saltalamachia DC, DABCI

As a Chiropractic Internist, (DABCI) Dr. Elyse Saltalamachia makes use of the same tools and examination procedures as conventional primary care physicians. As a Chiropractic Internist she is in the position to offer her patients comprehensive and holistic health care advice and assessment as well as provide natural solutions to disease.

As a Chiropractor with more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Elyse is committed to promoting optimal health and well being for her patients and community. Dr. Elyse uses a “whole person approach” to wellness; looking for underlying causes of an issue and making interventions and lifestyle adjustments to correct and restore the problem. She believes the best doctors give the least medicine.

Dr. Elyse continues to strive to increase her knowledge and experience to provide the best care for her patients. During her years of practice she has expanded her scope of practice and techniques in Natural medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, chronic and well care.

She lives locally with her family.

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