Is Your Health Being Short Circuited?

Disease - as a Bio-Electric Resistance to Health

The human body is made up of organs that function based on their cells reaction to electrical stimuli and the electrical transmission between these cells that allows for communication. Thus the body is designed to be fully functional and fully "conductive" from birth.

The moment we enter into this world and throughout our lives, we are exposed to a myriad of less conductive toxic influences. Heavy metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals for example contaminate our soil, pollute our air and drinking water; found in dental procedures and vaccinations are just some toxic influences that lead to lowering conductivity.

The accumulation of toxins in our bodies become electrical "resistors" causing opposition that impedes the natural flow of electricity "energy". As disease takes hold in the body, cells progressively begin to lose their electrical charge interfering with the reaction of living cells to electrical stimuli and their ability to communicate. The ability of current to freely flow and access every part necessary for nutrition, healing, and proper cellular communication is the very foundation of life. Living a healthy, disease-free life absolutely depends on the basic electrical principles of Ohm's Law- the ratio between conductivity and resistance in our body.

Cleansing toxins (resistors) is key to the peak functioning of every system of the body, and for restoring electrical health and optimal conductivity. Ridding your body of these toxic intruders should always be the first course of action. Using nutritional products like MetalloClear which enhance heavy metal metabolism, detoxification programs, Acupuncture, Colon Cleanse through Colonics and detox foot baths all help eliminate stored built up toxins. Through Lifestyle changes in eating, drinking, sleeping and what we expose our bodies to in the environment will lessen the intake of toxins.

Once we reduce electrical resistance by eliminating internal toxins and minimizing additional resistance through lifestyle changes, increasing our immune system through replenishing the good bacterial flora in our lower gut helps us to regain conductance and restore electrical good health. To determine how toxicity is affecting your health; call for an appointment at 407.877-8707

By: Dr. Elyse Saltalamachia



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